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My Assurance

I believe we have been given all that pertains to life and Godliness, hence, I an determined in having this become a reality as God grants grace and see the royalty of God's Elites emerge. Over the years, I have given so much attention in seeing the younger have a balanced growth having noticed the deficiency of the absence of coordinated guide in the rising journey of the young.


Hi! It feels great now that you are here, I have had you in mind all the while! Welcome to a ride with ECA. ECA a Nigerian Delta born graduate of Computer Science. A tool in God's hands, teacher of things pertaining unto life and Godliness. #ECA

Books/Web Design

I have in books communicating things pertaining to Life and Godliness and would be published here progressively. Also available to provide you with web solutions.

Blog with ECA

Blog with ECA, your companion in the journey of capturing that pertaining to Life and Godliness.

Your Circle and Your Worth (Prt 1)… Omowumi Mary

As a token of my birthday 24th August 2022 I ask “WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THE PEOPLE IN YOUR CIRCLE?

Tim Sanders captured it all when he said “Your Network is your net worth”

Some of us have very promising potential but we need to be in the right environment/circle to unlock our potentials fully. How then do you want to maximize opportunities provided by the right network of people if you don’t even make effort to have those same people around you?

My Core by Omowumi Mary

We forget kindness and throw mindfulness into the thin air as we drown in our misery. When I realize I was becoming less grateful by the day, I always went to

Know Your Limit

You are the Emperor/Emperess in your own Empire only if you know your limit: know your social limit, spiritual limit; economic limit: know your emotional limit! Know your limit and operate by your limit

Where is thy stings?

Definitely you’d be awake one day to watch your body just laying there, people wailing and crying then it dawns on you that the uninvited stranger came overnight (that’s if you’re lucky enough to die a peaceful way) scary right? Yeah I know, it won’t be so scary If you live your life the right way.


*About Book*
‘Your Purpose and The Kingdom’, navigates you through an excellent path in fulfilling the reason of your existence on earth, also braces you up with neccecary armor of kingdom mysteries for fulfillment. Questions surrounding “Purpose” are answered, confusions are cleared. Beyond an information, the book is an equipment for the present and coming generationsto go through life on earth.


I truly believe that just very few persons would not agree that ‘Trust is very vital’ in building and sustaining […]