Happy New Month: You could download School of Worship for free till 2nd December.


A quick one: We are often told to note our passion, what we love doing as it points us to purpose, yes!

Just so you may know, finding purpose has different shades as not all will find purpose by the afore mentioned.

Pointing you to one more shade of finding purpose, briefly:

Take note of what irritates you, that which hurts you, even what you dislike as they could be pointing you to purpose too… hmmm! Yes!

Fixing the hurts and irritations could simply be the purpose


Steps to the Free Download of School of Worship: Today is simply significant for me so i thought of opening the window so you could pay nothing in getting this powerful but brief piece.

  1. Click on the book Title/Add to Cart

2. View cart

3. Proceed to checkout

4. Enter the required details

5. Agree to the website terms and conditions by checking the checkbox

6. Place order

7. Click the file under the Download column, Just once.

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