Kingdom way: After the Testimony, What Next?

I was in Glory Reign 2022 when she testified dropping cyber crime (Yahoo, G) after Papa declared against the evil act on the previous day.

I was in Glory Reign 2022 when she testified dropping cyber crime (Yahoo, G) after Papa declared against the evil act on the previous day.

First, I was so happy when Papa declared Yahoo to be evil. Yes, not as if I didn’t know it’s evil but I was happy because a clergy is saying so to a very large coverage.
I was more happy because I’d wept severally in my secret place just because of how “Prophets, Apostles, Evangelists and Pastors” down south support cyber crime by praying direct prayers for them to pick, call them out by “the prophetic” in church gathering to release money they duped others that was still hanging, they help them do what they call “spiritual work” so their clients respond by giving them the money they requested and these people directly request their tithe from the money.

Well, after all these motivation from church leaders why won’t church goers now criticize Papa for declaring against the act. But wait o, the scriptures says He gave all those gifts such as Prophet, Apostle, Evangelist, Pastors for us to mature into the full stature of CHRIST? But no, the 21st century comrades come with another gospel. Biko how does prophetically calling a yahoo boy to release the money taking us to gain full stature of CHRIST?

Well, the reason I am making this public isn’t to deal on the rights/wrongs of comrades on the pulpit but to remind the Kingdom citizens of something.

  1. You all kingdom young men and ladies, shouting at 40 hours stretch prayer sections will see this lady’s testimony and probably laugh over it while scrolling pass it without a passion for the establishment of virtues in Christ through prayers and the ministry of the Holy Ghost. Oh, maybe you didn’t understand what praying for revival was other than shouting in prayer grounds.
  2. You all Kingdom teachers, mentors and trainers will see this lady’s testimony and probably just say “thank you Lord” but leave her to navigate her way with so much uncertainties about the Kingdom life. Infact most of you will feel it’s the sole responsibility of Papa to nurture as she’s not your business.
  3. You all kingdom financier do you all know that part of the moneys you’ve budgeted for the denominational buildings, purchase of high quality gadgets can be diverted in support of her? Or you’d prefer your name appearing in the church’s newsletter as one of the highest giver?
  4. Kingdom Entrepreneurs, oh! she could have a qualification or skill that your establishment needs. Yes, employ her!
    Just as you give endorsements to celebrities who rose by displaying immorality on the screen, you can pay her salaries for working under you.
  5. Directors and men of influence at different establishment who can offer her employment by just a recommendation, what are you waiting for… Oh! because she has decided to follow Christ?

I could go on with the list but I know the message is passed.
I write using her but I write for all, for a generation and for the KINGDOM.

If we can be this Kingdom mindful, the revival will sweep all stratas fast not just the mountain of Religion.
For every Esther who declares “If I perish, I perish” there should be a Mordecai who knows the ways of the Kingdom.

I pray this sets someone right out there.

From your brother in the Kingdom.

Communicator of things pertaining unto life and Godliness.

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