Know Your Limit

You are the Emperor/Emperess in your own Empire only if you know your limit: know your social limit, spiritual limit; economic limit: know your emotional limit! Know your limit and operate by your limit


Author: Abimblola Julius

Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church Felele Lokoja.

Speed Limit is a particular device can be installed in a vehicle in order to control speed. Likewise, in the dashboard of every car is a device inscribed with sequence of numbers irom zero to around hundred plus
the device is called speedometer. As you go in the transit of ife, you need to know your limit.
There is need for you to have a gauge customized by yourself and for yoursell.
They are there als0 as caution tools. Your age, maturity, personality, relationship (marriage), qualification, income, & faith are gauge of your limit. Know your limit!

This piece intends to help call your attention to certan areas of your life in order to challenge you for positive improvements. Kingdoms and nations have territories. Trespass of all kinds or intrusion into another man’s territory brings crisis. You are the Emperor/Emperess in your own Empire only if you know your limit: know your social limit, spiritual limit; economic limit: know your emotional limit! Know your limit and operate by your limit. Bishop David Oyedepo says, “Life is in phases: men
are in sizes.” Don’t be forced to know you limit.

The extent of your limit is the extent of your influence. In other words, you must understand the strength of your influence. Be careful of over stretching influence.
Overstretched influence will always lead to emotional trauma.
By the way, what is influence? In this context, influence is a force of action that create reactions. Every created thing is made with a certain degree of influence.
Influence is the purpose for existence. Proper utility of opportunity is the investment of intluence that leads to affluence. One major purpose of light is to influence darkness. The influence of salt is in its salinity. Human influence is in stages and it is time-bound. Once it comes, it must be rightly appropriated: failure to appropriate it can be frustrating. Know your limit. Your income is your influence.

There is a seed in your hand – it is the seed of greatness. A meticulous farmer would combined systemic knowledge with hard work in other to experience excellent productivity. A good farmer does not get tired of sowing. Those who are satisfied with their coidition would remain in the position and location. The reason God gave man intellect is for man to be intelligent; appropriating readiness to sow in right season requires aggression that defies all forms of evidences for impossibility. Combining the forces of knowledge and hard
work will culminate in taking steps of FAlTH backed by God’s and prayer. Friend, success is in the present, greatness is in the future. Therefore, let no one live in the past because
defeat is in the past. To think about the success of past should be a consideration to make the present pay more price to buy
greatness for the future. You have no excuse for failure as much as you have no reason to fail only when you rise aggressively to work on your dream passionately. Brian
Tracy says, “Never complain, never explain. Resist the temptation to defend yourself, or make excuses (for defeat or failure).” Jesus says. “I must work the works of him that sent
me, while it is day: the night coneth, when no man can work.” John 9:4 (KJV). Only lazy people give excuses for failure and defeat. We are destined to succced by the reason of the covenant of Newness in Christ. Amen.

Work on yourself now! The best time to increase you is now! The best time to invest in yourself is now! The best time to plan for your future is now! The best time to face your business is now! It is easier to give excuse, complain, shift blame and nag than to rise to face the challenge with a determined focus to win. Your destiny is in your hand-don’t surrender it to blame casting game.
Life is too shot to be wasted fighting shadows. Failures, defeats, disappointments,
mockery, reproaches are all shadows – they will soon vanish.
Success and greatness are real Don’t compare yourself with anyone. You are a unique personality. Your journey to the land of fulfilment is very peculiar. Your destiny is customized only for your: the lines of your fingerprints are evidence of
your uniqueness.
Know your limit.

Know Your Limit was first published in the Good News bulletin (February 2022 Edition) of Emmanuel Baptist Church Felele Lokoja, Nigeria.

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