My Core by Omowumi Mary

My Core by Omowumi Mary
We forget kindness and throw mindfulness into the thin air as we drown in our misery. When I realize I was becoming less grateful by the day, I always went to

Some few weeks back it felt like my whole life was going out of control, didn’t pretty much look like my God’s given vision were aligning. In fact, nothing was.

Everywhere I took a peak became bleak. It was overwhelming like the unpleasant situations that was also overwhelming a young man who opened up his frustrations to me just last night; absolutely struggling to lay hold on faith.

See, in the midst of what I supposed to be chaos.
I was more concerned of one thing, ‘that the situation doesn’t change me at my core’. Like many of us, we begin to be bitter, pouring out frustrations and letting others share from the pain that we feel.

We forget kindness and throw mindfulness into the thin air as we drown in our misery. When I realize I was becoming less grateful by the day, I always went to the father. Asking that he gives me the right attitude to serve the season.

Recall Joseph?
Whatever season he was, thrown into slavery, prison or enthroned in the palace he never negated acting right. God is more concerned about us bearing fruit in “every season” than living a challenged free life; maybe it isn’t the situation that should change just yet could be your attitude towards the situation that should change.

I began to consciously reach for gratitude and thanked God for anything and everything. And I broke down every time in his presence realizing that even my breath, I didn’t deserve as there is nothing I have that I absolutely deserved except for God’s mercy given.

I’ll tell you what God didn’t promise you. He didn’t promise you a life without troubles. But what he did promise you was that He’ll never leave or forsake you. See, when God told Joshua “just as I was with Moses, I’ll be with you” It wasn’t the promise Land that was really the promise. It was the gift of God’s presence that we need both in the good and bad. You don’t need God less when things are going right, you need him as much.

Feel it or not God’s hand has never left the details of your life. That is why faith doesn’t require your sight to be right. If you navigate through every challenge easily, getting everything figured out by yourself, there is no way you’ll give God the glory in your story. But until it is beyond you, you’ll look back and see how God came through for you and not only that. How he refined and make you by the things the devil meant to break you.

No! My situation hasn’t changed so much. But this is my testimony. That my core has changed. And I’m more interested in what God wants than what I want to take from him. How to serve if the season isn’t serving me as much. For where true peace lies is not to be obsessed with your self-image but with the Jesus’ image knowing it is certain that “All things, including the imperfect situation works for your good”.

It is by this you can testify “I was crushed down but not destroyed. Persecuted but never abandoned”.

Therefore! Never act like you’ve been abandoned.

© Omowumi

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