I truly believe that just very few persons would not agree that ‘Trust is very vital’ in building and sustaining whatsoever relationship(s). Its vitality is very critical that humans react almost by reflex on Trust issues hence it’s a subject you must give good interest.

The meaning of the said subject is known by default without having to consult a learning material, I can say.
Not really giving any definition of it in this piece.

I have an opinion I truly believe would help you understand trust from a perspective, this perspective is an insulator to hurt.
Yes, you would not disagree with me that many had and will be hurt for “Trusting”, well reading this could save you from future hurts.
They say “but I trusted you!” and some others build a cliche from hurts saying “trust no one”. Well, inasmuch that I respect your experiences I want you to know you can also enjoy ‘Trust’.

Hmmm! Everyone trusts! at least some thing/one, maybe at a very minimal level but humanity thrives on trust.

Trust is why you use the airplanes, automobiles, stairway despite possible fears.
Oh, yes! it’s the exact reason you get a glass of water when you’re thirsty. I got you… You at least trust.

A child would gladly open his/er arms to be thrown up by an uncle who often did that but closes same arms to the ‘absentee father’ despite the ability of the absentee father to do that; hence, Trust is basically not a right to be own. (Note: Throwing very little kids up high may not be advised).

My Opinions on Trust:

  1. It’s basically not a right to be own. Wanna trust? Build it by feeding it! It takes a track record to trust and/or earn trust.
    The child who asked his father for the University’s first year school fee did so because the father had created a track record of providing the child’s basic needs, from shelter to biscuits, a per of shoe to guidance, primary school fees to text books in the college and not entirely because he is the father. The truth is there are other students who do not bother asking theirs for a track record of not providing.
    Allow your trust level be built for therein is the beauty.
  2. Trust must not be built on positivity only, trust negativity too.
    Trust may not be whole if you neglect your mistrust. Aha!
    As you grow trust, the track records are vivid to you so you know the strengths and weaknesses. Now, we often trust strength only in relationships then at the show up of potential weakness the trust we had is tempered.


  1. I have friends who had never kept to time but are great, I simply trust this negativity in them.
    The good thing is they are game changers when they show up
    If I truly need them by 8am, I’d rather give a good time lag in my mind so I don’t get hurt. Simply, I trust that she/he would be late instead of not trusting if they’re with me.
  2. I have others who are great but not good at keeping secrets, I simply trust that anything told to them must be heard abroad.
    Now, I don’t get hurt when they spill words because I trust them for that via the track record built. Anything I want to be a secret is simply withheld from them and whatever I want to be noised is what I say to such.

I mean, Trust your car but also have the spare wheels.

Understand and apply this, enjoy trusting and relationship(s).


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