It’s amazingly outrageous how a lot of people are dissatisfied in the world today.

Young boys apply methylated spirit on their beards to appear older while older men shave their beards to look younger.

Students wear corporate to look like workers while workers put on jeans to look like students

Plus size women taking pills to slim down while Slim women are doing bum and breast enlargement surgery.

Short girls put on heels to look taller while tall girls put on flat shoes to deflect their height.

The light skinned tan their skin to look darker while the dark skinned bleach their skin to look fairer.

The above are a few examples to portray this point.
The solution is not to get the body-fix but to get a brain-fix.

We’re all chasing after something and there’s always something to attain after the next.
We want to hit new goals. We want something more. Probably, that’s how we were created or how our framework has programmed us to be.
Unfortunately, while trying to attain these endless pursuits, we miss it. We end up trying to become someone else.
We look at pictures and we’re like “that’s exactly how I want to be in the next few years”. It’s not wrong, but what if you’ve been measuring success based on another man’s calendar or “whole being’ all this while.

At a point in time, we find ourselves guilty of this but we have to grow up. We must grow up! We must start to live and not just exist.

Constantly ask yourself this questions;
√ Is this the life you want?
√ What is God saying about you?
√ Are you on your lane?
√ Who are you?
√ What are the things you tend to achieve in life?
√ Will your children be proud of your youth or Old age?
√ Will your generation be proud to have you?
And lots of questions,

Be unique. Set a goal, set a standard because you want to fulfill purpose and live the life God designed you to, live not because you have to meet up with the societal norms.

Be Confident.
Your confidence is a reflection of what you think you are. Can you spend the rest of your life extra maintaining and constantly refilling?

Be Real.
Instead of copy, build and invest on yourself because you can never be comfortable in another man’s crown.
Start by appreciating all that you have now, start by accepting who you are and all that you’ve overcome. Afterwards, start to pursue purpose not by another man’s standards but based on who you’ve been called out to BE.

It’s not about doing it well or winning, it is about taking the bold steps and chasing your own dreams. There’s no step you take in life that’s a waste, most steps introduces you to people, profits you, teaches you and increase your wings.

Most of the things we are scared of doing on our own can change our life forever.
Never be afraid of trying and Investing in yourself. Take that bold step to be a better person.

Be fierce!

Let’s start now!

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