What kind of Priesthood?

What Priesthood is being translated down the generations?

While demon controlled individuals make projections via their eyes and shaking of different body parts some supposed individual who believe in praying to God through His Son has to open the bottle of olive oil during prayers before they believe that the power of God can enter the oil. (Like the cover of the bottle is powerful enough to stop God’s power from entering the oil if not removed), What ancient pattern of priesthood are we really learning?

In the recent times, my spirit has been opened to a reality especially in some territories of Nigeria on a dimension of priesthood in the quest of birthing results.

Except we’re officiating from a priesthood other than that of CHRIST, the authority given to JESUS CHRIST remains supreme in commanding results.

I duly know experientially and biblical studies the possibility of the power of God manifested through materials in exercising priesthood. God did it while making Adam and Eve, Moses attracted the breath of God to divide the red sea by the use of the rod, Elijah and Elisha did to Jordan by an apron, Jesus did to the blind with sand, the apostles also worked the reality and today we do in different measures but there is an exact oder of priesthood.

But, in error and deception Christians and Priests that call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ gradually is working in path of priesthood that isn’t Christ’s and that’s a reason there are supposed Christians who have more faith in prayers when salt, oil, ash and other stuffs are mixed than they have when prayed for just calling the name of Jesus.
Gradually, even Christians or would I use church goers now have more faith in ‘spiritual works’ as they call it than in Jesus name.

In the quest of ensuring there are results as proof of ministry married with the unending search of humans for fast solutions, many men of God has and will gamble more into spiritism while calling the name of the Lord, they’ll be ministered to by realms that are not in the oder giving by Christ for priesthood.
We would have more church goers who pray loud in gatherings, do spiritual baths, drink mixtures, sow seeds but lack personal intimacy with the one who made them neither can they have a personal prayer alter. Many will not have the life of God manifesting through them.

If this kind of priesthood continues, we would have more prophet doing spiritual works for fraudulent youths calling the name Jesus and many more representatives of Babylon will be empowered by the supposed zion.
If it continues, we’d have more results that do not connect men more to God. We would have more demonized church goers.

If the young generation of preachers that are being raised continues, these territories will not sustain revival. Many more preachers will be receiving words, gifts from demon spirits and will say it’s the Holy One for they would feel they’re calling the name of Jesus and does not go before any statue as to shrines.

It is my prayer that the God given oder for His priests to exercise priesthood be restored, the priesthood where wonders happen just in the name of the Lord.

Ernest Chukubudike Anyafulu

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