Your Circle and Your Worth (Prt 2)… by Omowumi Mary

Yes! Your circle creates your worth but the earlier you realize that you don’t need validation from everyone in your circle as you are undergoing the process for your success, the better for you.

It is natural for humans to be self centered, just as the employer offers an employment to favour the business and not necessarily to help you make money; also the employees do the job because they need the money, experience or connection and not necessarily because of the employer. This however is under toned as both the employer and employee reaches to a compromise of association which helps every party reach their goals.

Focus on attaining that height, your eyes should be on the goal!
When you are blessed with an association who come through for you in all purity, selflessness and alignment with purpose.

A circle who enshrines you in their schedule, resources, audience… Do not take it for granted!

Be very grateful and create the best of it, so never take it for granted when a person makes room for you in their lives or mental space to accommodate you, your needs, your thoughts, your pain and your processes.
A lot of times, it is kindness arising from a place of deep sacrifice as even those who live picture perfect lives have their low moments others may be struggling with trauma you have no idea about

Sometimes, those you call to share your passion, pain, challenges with just wiped off their own tears; they pick up the call clearing their throats and console you while basking their pain.

Do not take your circle for granted. Never take it for granted when a person makes room for you in their lives or mental space to accommodate you, your needs, your thoughts, your pain…

In optimising your worth from your circle, wisdom must be at play as people’s environment, level of growth, past experiences can build their level of contributions to your worth and it can be irony for your worth at some instance if not properly handled.

However, life can propel certain circle compulsive. You’re to leverage on wisdom to ensure such times births its purposes. This circle may not all be humans, it can be situations, elements and spiritual forces.

The unrefined gold going through processes will not need the palace in its circle but fire and the rigours just as the fire may not be the circle of the refined gold. Do not expect unrealistic associations for different life phase as they come differed and one isn’t less important.

Be courageous to embrace your new and not letting the past hold you down just as the gold moves to the palace when refined and no longer tired to the past dirty and rigorous circle.

Forget what happened before, and do not think about the past. Look at the new thing I am going to do. It is already happening. Don’t you see it? I will make a road in the desert and rivers in the dry land. Isaiah 43:18-19

More so when your circle is fire, water or den do not be unconscious of God being part of your all, He will always give you the best value.

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